Our relationship’s chronicles and how we tackled COVID restrictions to stay together. Love always wins… We have not won just yet, but we are giving a hell of a fight and we are not planning to give it up. For some of us, tourism became love. …

A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. It’s the portal to the Internet for a all mobile-first generation. Seems to be that the biggest online networks are aiming to gather us all in one place like Asia is today pioneering.

Soon, we will likely be operating at the intersection of logistics/delivery, commerce, payments and social. …

These are my preliminary findings and understanding on a thriving Property and tech assistance for young people that is being drained on sustaining their homes

I have moved around my home country and abroad multiple times for the past 10 years and how the bills and sustaining my home impact my pocket and how I respond to eventualities is something that pushed me to read like crazy about the real state world and how utilities…

Eileen Nidrle

Business legal advisor and operations counselor. Writer by passion.

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